How you can use your mouth

We’re encouraging people to talk about health and safety in the workplace. Check out some of the conversations you could have.

It’s time to start talking health and safety. Is someone in your business leading the charge?

Hear about slips. trips and falls in Skye’s cafe

Skye tells us how to avoid slips, trips and falls in the workplace.

Schooling Junior on free safety gear

If you’re a boss, you can encourage workers like Junior to use their mouths to talk about health and safety.

What has Belinda got to say?

Belinda tells us how she and her fellow workers speak up about safety issues when working around machinery.

On the farm with Jeff and Judy

Jeff and Judy explain how to prepare for a safe day on the farm.

Start talking and protect yourself from clumsy Kev

If you spot something unsafe or unhealthy, use your mouth and start talking.

Luke using his mouth around chemicals

Luke tells us how he uses his mouth to tell his boss when a health risk needs look at.


Marky finds his mouth

Listen to Mark explain how your mouth can protect your health in workplace from things like noise.

Bruce kisses up to his safety gear

Bruce shows us how you can use your mouth to prevent a fall in the workplace.

Meet Liv – a small biz manager

Liv tells us how to keep a small business healthy and safe.