Why work for WorkSafe

A career at WorkSafe includes lots of opportunities and benefits for staff.

WorkSafe New Zealand is the workplace health and safety regulator – we implement the Health and Safety at Work Act and are committed to reducing harm in New Zealand workplaces.

We have firm targets for New Zealand’s workplace health and system, including the Government’s target to reduce workplace fatalities and injuries by 25% by 2020.

A career at WorkSafe can be truly rewarding. What we do at WorkSafe makes a difference to the lives of New Zealanders. If you are passionate about health and safety and want to be part of a positive change for New Zealand then why not consider an exciting career with WorkSafe.

Our vision is that everyone who goes to work comes home healthy and safe.

Our mission is to transform New Zealand’s workplace health and safety performance.

Our values are Integrity, Courage and Responsibility.

Development opportunities

WorkSafe provides opportunities to develop your skills and experience for your role, or to prepare you for potential future roles.

We have a learning culture where staff drive their own development with manager support. Managers are to provide development plans to help achieve the skills staff need for their role and help find opportunities such as on-the-job learning and external training programmes. Staff should speak with their manager about their development plan and what development opportunities are available to them.

All our staff are given the opportunity to develop their leadership and communication skills through our award-winning Leadership Fundamentals programme.

Mahi: WorkSafe provides workshops and many eLearning modules on Mahi, WorkSafe’s Learning Management System, that are available to all staff. There are technical training modules, system training modules as well as professional development (SkillSoft) modules. Staff should look around Mahi to find what is right for them.

New inspectors complete a robust training programme that enables them to be appointed as Health and Safety Inspectors under HSWA. Inspectors who complete the learning pathway also receive two NZQA Level 4 Qualifications – Regulatory knowledge and Regulatory practice.

There are also a range of Good Practice training courses up to level 3 for the inspectorate. This helps develop inspectors in their role and can complement other training opportunities provided by the manager in their development plan. All upcoming courses available in Mahi.

Qualifications: All staff are able to complete a Regulatory Compliance Core Knowledge Qualification at Level 3. This consists of 6 eLearning modules. Staff should speak with their manager if they are interested about this and have them contact Learning and development for more information.

Flexible working hours and work/life balance

WorkSafe actively encourages a work/life balance. Flexible working hours may be an option you can consider while you’re working at WorkSafe.


KiwiSaver is a savings initiative to help set you up for your retirement. If you are eligible, we will make an employee contribution according to legislative requirements. More information about KiwiSaver(external link)

Southern Cross Healthcare

Working for WorkSafe means you’ll pay less for health insurance from Southern Cross Health Society because WorkSafe has a Southern Cross work scheme which entitles you to reduced premiums. 

Health and wellbeing

Employee Assistance Programme

We realise that sometimes employees benefit from professional guidance so we offer employee assistance in the form of counselling services which are private and confidential. This can be accessed by all employees.

We also recognise that sometimes our frontline staff can be placed in tough situations. In addition to EAP some our Investigation Inspectors and a number of other roles have the option to access support via professional supervision. Professional supervision provides an extra layer of support for our people. Inspectors will be able to access a network of qualified supervisors in a completely confidential environment.

Flu immunisations

You will be offered free flu vaccines annually and encouraged to take advantage of this. 

Eye test and eyewear contribution

Once you’ve been continuously employed by WorkSafe for a year you can apply for a contribution towards the cost of an eye test and eyewear (glasses or contact lenses).

Clothing allowance

Our people who work regularly in the field, for example Health and Safety Inspectors, need to be readily identifiable as being from WorkSafe. Field staff and some other staff who regularly interact with the public are eligible for a one-off wardrobe allowance and an annual replacement allowance.

Depending on your role this allowance may provide sufficient clothing to enable you to wear the wardrobe full time – in both the office and in the field – or to wear on occasions when you are representing WorkSafe with the general public.

Charitable giving

Charitable giving is a voluntary scheme that gives our people the opportunity to donate directly from their salary to their chosen donee organisation.