Workplace fatalities summary

These statistics show the number of fatal work-related incidents reported to WorkSafe under the Health and Safety in Employment Act 1992 and the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015. They do not include deaths in the maritime or aviation sectors or fatalities due to work-related road crashes. These are investigated by Maritime New Zealand, the Civil Aviation Authority and the New Zealand Police respectively.

Fatalities Notified to WorkSafe New Zealand 2013 - 2019*

Date of IncidentIndustryAgeDistrict of IncidentSummary of Incident
29/03/2019 Construction 57 Waikato Fell from ladder.
28/03/2019 Manufacturing 49 Bay of Plenty Crushed between a loader and timber stack.
25/03/2019 Public administration and safety 23 Auckland Drowned while diving.
11/03/2019 Construction 25 Wellington Run over by truck.
5/03/2019 Construction 37 West Coast Overcome by solvents.
27/02/2019 Other services 40 Waikato Member of public hit by bus in vehicle testing station.
27/02/2019 Construction 63 Northland Fell from mobile scaffolding.
26/02/2019 Construction 40 Bay of Plenty Truck rear-ended a work truck causing a pile-up.
26/02/2019 Construction 55 Bay of Plenty Truck rear-ended a work truck causing a pile-up.
26/02/2019 Construction 55 Bay of Plenty Truck rear-ended a work truck causing a pile-up.
23/02/2019 Agriculture 76  Hawke's Bay Rolled a Caterpillar D4E bulldozer.
20/02/2019 Construction 65 Otago A Champion 21 tonne grader went over the edge of steep bluff.
13/02/2019 Forestry and Logging - Gisborne Struck by a loose log.
6/02/2019 Agriculture 33 Canterbury Hit by felled tree.
4/02/2019 Arts and Recreation Service 68 Northland  Sand dune surfing accident.
2/02/2019 Agriculture 30 Hawke's Bay Side by side rollover.
2/02/2019 Agriculture 76 Waikato Quad bike and trailer roll-over.
29/01/2019 Public administration and safety 3 Southland Drowned.
26/01/2019 Administrative and support services 61 Otago Hit by tree branch and fell from height.
20/01/2019 Transport, Postal and Warehousing 65 Auckland Fall from truck.
16/01/2019 Manufacturing 39 Auckland Hit by falling object.


Transport, Postal and Warehousing 71 Wellington Fall from truck trailer. 
20/12/2018 Agriculture 21 Waitaki Caught in hay baler. 
19/12/2018 Agriculture 26 Northland Quad bike rollover. 
13/12/2018 Agriculture 38 Waikato Ute rollover. 
2/12/2018 Agriculture 61 Otago Ute rollover on a farm.
1/12/2018 Construction 45 Auckland Trench collapse. 
27/11/2018 Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing Support Services 61 Bay of Plenty Hit by felled tree. 
26/11/2018 Manufacturing 58 Manawatu-Whanganui Fall from height. 
9/11/2018 Manufacturing 36 Wellington Caught in machinery. 
2/11/2018 Construction 30 Canterbury Electric shock. 
31/10/2018 Arts and Recreation Services 58 Canterbury Caught in an avalanche.
24/10/2018 Agriculture 65 Canterbury Crushed by a bull. 
19/10/2018 Construction 53 Canterbury Overcome by solvents. 
8/10/2018 Transport, Postal and Warehousing 29 Gisborne Struck by log that fell off a shuttle truck.
5/10/2018 Manufacturing 39 Bay of Plenty Struck by falling timber stack.
30/09/2018 Agricuture 3 Otago Tractor accident.
30/09/2018 Agriculture 33 Otago Tractor accident.
25/09/2018 Forestry and Logging 28 Manawatu-Whanganui Struck when felling tree.
18/09/2018 Health Care and Social Assistance 90 Bay of Plenty Fell at residential care home.
1/09/2018 Arts and Recreation Services 63 Canterbury Photographer hit by rally car.
27/08/2018 Transport, Postal and Warehousing 23 Auckland Port straddle crane overturned.
13/08/2018 Agriculture 68 Hawke's Bay Quad bike rollover.
11/08/2018 Manufacturing 63 Auckland  Crushed by steel framing.
24/07/2018 Agriculture 71 Taranaki Tractor rollover on a farm. 
17/07/2018 Construction 57 Auckland Heavy vehicle rolled on to victim 
16/07/2018 Forestry and Logging 31 Tasman Hit by falling tree. 
9/07/2018 Forestry and Logging 26 Rangitikei Tree fell on work vehicle. 
28/06/2018 Agriculture 29 Tasman Side by side rollover; passenger killed. 
28/05/2018 Forestry and Logging 66 Northland Struck by reversing work utility vehicle.
17/05/2018 Health Care and Social Assistance 78 Hawke's Bay Fell from stretcher while being transferred from air ambulance to road ambulance.
11/05/2018 Forestry 43 Marlborough Struck by falling tree.
02/05/2018 Public Administration and Safety 50 Auckland Assaulted by a member of public.
23/04/2018 Agriculture 61 Hawke's Bay Became entangled in machinery.
19/04/2018 Health Care and Social Assistance 95 Southland Fell at rest home; died in hospital two days later.
27/03/2018 Agriculture 52 Marlborough Rolled side by side vehicle on a farm
14/03/2018 Construction 73 Northland Fall at work
09/03/2018 Agriculture 9 Kaikoura Runover by vehicle
25/02/2018 Agriculture 24 Gisborne Beekeeper’s truck crashed over a bank.
17/02/2018 Agriculture 27 Waikato Caught in a potato harvester.
31/01/2018 Agriculture 9 Waikato Quad bike rollover. 
10/01/2018 Adventure activities 27 Queenstown-Lakes Tandem skydive parachute failure, one missing presumed drowned.
10/01/2018 Arts and Recreation Services 28 Waikato Crashed motorcycle at organised event. 
9/01/2018 Construction 36 Auckland Struck by machinery on construction site. 
21/12/2017 Public Administration and Safety 29 Canterbury Fell down cliff. 
15/12/2017 Forestry and Logging 67 Taranaki Forest fatality.
15/12/2017 Arts and Recreation Services 74 Otago Drowned while recovering drifting boat. 
14/12/2017 Electricity, Gas, Water and Waste Services 25 Waikato Fell off refuse truck and run over by it. 
12/12/2017 Forestry and Logging 28 Wellington Bulldozer rollover in forest. 
20/11/2017 Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing Support Services 64 Canterbury Tractor rollover on steep gully.
6/11/2017 Electricity, Gas, Water and Waste Services 70 Canterbury Dragged into tractor-drawn lawn mower.
16/10/2017 Mining 63 Bay of Plenty Truck and trailer rollover.
16/10/2017 Construction 67 Nelson Fell through roof of internal lift.
15/10/2017 Accommodation and Food Services 62 Canterbury Fell from barstool.
14/10/2017 Agriculture 68 Manawatu-Whanganui Quad bike rollover.
9/10/2017 Manufacturing 44 Wellington Fell from height (medical/natural causes).
22/09/2017 Transport, Postal and Warehousing 67 Manukau Crushed by shipping container
11/09/2017 Manufacturing 28 Manukau Struck by bucket falling from stationary digger.
22/08/2017 Electricity, Gas, Water and Waste Services 59 Lower Hutt Overcome by a chemical reaction unloading rubbish into a crush pit.
21/08/2017 Forestry and Logging 23 Gisborne Fall from digger in a forest.
17/08/2017 Forestry and Logging 20 Marlborough Log skidder rolled.
26/07/2017 Rental, hiring and real estate services 37 Whangarei Death at work, homicide.
26/07/2017 Rental, hiring and real estate services 60 Whangarei Death at work, homicide.
6/07/2017 Construction 72 Christchurch Fell through open stairwell.
22/06/2017 Transport, Postal and Warehousing 65 South Waikato Drove into stationery truck at roadworks.
21/06/2017 Transport, Postal and Warehousing 19 Hamilton Caught between a swing lift and a container.
15/06/2017 Manufacturing 23 Hastings Trapped in machinery.
15/06/2017 Transport, Postal and Warehousing 35 Auckland Run over by container handler.
12/06/2017 Agriculture 51 Christchurch Struck by forklift.
9/06/2017 Manufacturing 60 Christchurch Hit by falling steel beam.
7/06/2017 Construction 61 Auckland Fall from ladder.
06/06/2017 Construction 34 Auckland Struck by car crossing road
26/05/2017 Construction 51 Whangarei Logging truck crashed into a truck broom sweeping road at a road sealing site.
15/05/2017 Forestry and Logging 32 Far North Tree has fallen on worker.
11/05/2017 Transport, Postal and Warehousing 42 Auckland Found deceased under a work vehicle.
2/05/2017 Electricity, Gas, Water and Waste Services 6 Gisborne Young child struck and killed by rubbish truck.
21/04/2017 Agriculture 66 Buller Woman found deceased under a quad bike.
20/04/2017 Arts and Recreation Services 25 Ashburton Crashed motorcycle while participating in street race.
19/04/2017 Agriculture 77 Hamilton Found lying head first down cattle truck ramp.
12/04/2017 Construction 18 Westland Crushed by house or hut which fell off its jacks.
12/04/2017 Forestry and Logging 42 Gisborne Crushed by a falling tree.
10/04/2017 Electricity, Gas, Water and Waste Services 63 Queenstown-Lakes Crushed by truck.
24/03/2017 Public Administration and Safety 44 Hastings Vehicle rolled down bank.
16/03/2017 Forestry and Logging 38 Gisborne Killed while working in forestry.
6/03/2017 Construction 77 Manukau Fell off mobility scooter.
4/03/2017 Fishing, Hunting and Trapping 63 Central Otago Quad bike roll over.
1/03/2017 Agriculture 60 Waikato Struck by object behind a tractor.
28/02/2017 Transport, Postal and Warehousing 52 Christchurch Crushed when bundles of steel collapsed.
24/02/2017 Transport, Postal and Warehousing 55 Invercargill Truck driver hit by the loader.
6/02/2017 Electricity, Gas, Water and Waste Services 21 Taupo Drowned downstream of Aratiatia Dam on Waikato River.
31/01/2017 Transport, Postal and Warehousing 60 Wellington Fall from height.
29/01/2017 Agriculture 56 Waitomo Quad bike incident.
17/01/2017 Agriculture 27 Waimate Caught in a baler.
13/01/2017 Agriculture 64 Whangarei Tractor roll over.
24/12/2016 Agriculture 80 Whanganui Crushed between vehicle and gate.
18/12/2016 Arts and Recreation Services 40 Gore Fell from horse and run over by another.
11/12/2016 Agriculture 43 Auckland Tractor rollover.
27/11/2016 Agriculture 51 Marlborough Vehicle rolled.
18/11/2016 Health Care and Social Assistance 4 Auckland Died at child day care centre.
7/11/2016 Manufacturing 64 Rotorua Crushed between forklift and pallet while unloading a container.
7/11/2016 Health Care and Social Assistance 80 New Plymouth Head injury falling out of bed.
8/10/2016 Health Care and Social Assistance 63 New Plymouth Found dead in bath.
26/09/2016 Transport, Postal and Warehousing 60 Auckland Struck by falling pallets.
25/09/2016 Agriculture 50 Ashburton Quad bike crashed through closed gate.
22/08/2016 Forestry 24 Hastings Struck by steel cable.
15/08/2016 Agriculture 70 Waimakariri Run over by tractor.
11/08/2016 Agriculture 74 Horowhenua Became tangled in machinery
3/08/2016 Agriculture 67 Tauranga Quad bike pushed down bank by its trailer.
2/08/2016 Agriculture 35 Rotorua Worker killed in cattle yards.
28/07/2016 Mining 29 Hauraki Loader rollover in underground mine.
10/07/2016 Agriculture 59 Whanganui Tractor rollover.
7/07/2016 Health Care and Social Assistance 80 Manukau Fell while being wheeled out of shower.
1/07/2016 Manufacturing 57 North Shore Crushed by falling timber.
28/06/2016 Electricity, Gas, Water and Waste Services 40 Hamilton Crushed in recycled cardboard waste bale.
16/06/2016 Manufacturing 73 Christchurch Electrocuted.
9/06/2016 Fishing, Hunting and Trapping 66 Westland Drowned after being washed away from vehicle stranded in river.
1/06/2016 Agriculture 69 Whangarei Small tractor rollover.
26/05/2016 Administrative and Support Services 65 Rotorua Run over by ride-on lawnmower,
18/05/2016 Accommodation and Food Services 64 Hamilton Fall from ladder.
13/05/2016 Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing Support Services 58 Western Bay of Plenty Quad bike rollover.
26/04/2016 Agriculture 72 Clutha Caterpillar D4D rollover.
24/04/2016 Construction 66 Palmerston North Fell from height.
17/04/2016 Health Care and Social Assistance 47 Christchurch Fell from height.
16/04/2016 Agriculture 74 Whakatane Quad bike rollover.
7/04/2016 Agriculture 63 Gisborne UTV vehicle rollover.
6/04/2016 Agriculture 72 Masterton Cut by angle grinder.
31/03/2016 Forestry and Logging 53 Hastings Struck by falling tree.
23/03/2016 Forestry and Logging 37 Whangarei Struck by moving tree stem.
18/03/2016 Electricity, Gas, Water and Waste Services 51 Auckland Crushed between truck and skip bin
15/03/2016 Agriculture 74 Tasman Died in controlled burn off.
14/03/2016 Transport, Postal and Warehousing 43 Tauranga Crushed between side loader trailer and container.
11/03/2016 Agriculture 67 Far North Tractor crash.
10/03/2016 Forestry and Logging 31 Masterton Struck by tree.
10/03/2016 Construction 35 Whanganui Jumped from out-of-control rail maintenance vehicle.
6/03/2016 Manufacturing 3 Timaru Crushed by collapsing wood chip pile.
17/02/2016 Construction 61 Opotiki Road roller rollover.
12/02/2016 Rental, Hiring and Real Estate Services 36 Christchurch Crushed by hydraulic ramp system.
10/02/2016 Manufacturing 61 Western Bay of Plenty Fall from height.
4/02/2016 Construction 44 Masterton Electrocution.
3/02/2016 Construction 49 Tauranga Struck by falling pole.
20/01/2016 Agriculture 72 Central Hawke's Bay Quad bike rollover.
15/01/2016 Arts and Recreation Services 7 Auckland Drowned in public pool.
14/01/2016 Construction 53 Wellington Crushed in lift shaft.
11/01/2016 Manufacturing 43 Waikato Crushed by falling panels.
17/12/2015 Agriculture 69 Hastings Quad bike rollover.
9/12/2015 Transport, Postal and Warehousing 65 Christchurch Run over by delivery truck.
8/12/2015 Agriculture 69 Central Hawke's Bay Quad bike rollover.
3/12/2015 Manufacturing 51 Invercargill Truck fell off wharf.
2/12/2015 Administrative and Support Services 51 Dunedin Death at work, homicide.
2/12/2015 Agriculture 70 Whangarei Off-road vehicle accident.
30/11/2015 Construction 60 Waipa Struck by metal object.
27/11/2015 Agriculture 19 Whakatane Truck crash.
25/11/2015 Transport, Postal and Warehousing 54 Manukau Run over by truck and trailer unit.
5/11/2015 Mining 30 Southland Struck by high-pressure jet of oil.
23/10/2015 Agriculture 25 Gisborne Four-wheel drive (side by side) vehicle accident.
2/10/2015 Transport, Postal and Warehousing 41 Whangarei Crushed between truck and fence.
30/09/2015 Administrative and Support Services 62 Christchurch Trapped in machinery
20/09/2015 Arts and Recreation Services 43 Hamilton Killed by tiger at zoo.
15/09/2015 Electricity, Gas, Water and Waste Services 24 Auckland Welding accident.
14/09/2015 Forestry and Logging 33 Clutha Asphyxiation.
9/09/2015 Forestry and Logging 65 Whakatane Struck by felled tree.
6/09/2015 Agriculture 72 Ashburton Fall from height.
28/08/2015 Agriculture 44 Waikato Quad bike rollover.
28/08/2015 Agriculture 70 Tararua Quad bike rollover.
27/08/2015 Other Services 58 Waitaki Crushed under truck deck.
10/08/2015 Electricity, Gas, Water and Waste Services 19 Auckland Rubbish truck accident.
10/08/2015 Arts and Recreation Services 58 Queenstown-Lakes Killed in avalanche ski-ing.
5/08/2015 Health Care and Social Assistance 75 Gore Slipped on icy driveway and hit head. Died a few days later.
17/07/2015 Mining 73 Nelson Drowned in vehicle crash.
9/07/2015 Agriculture 63 Waitaki Struck by tractor
6/07/2015 Agriculture 35 Gore Crushed by falling hay bale.
8/06/2015 Quarrying 56 Hurunui Geotechnical failure.
2/06/2015 Agriculture 55 Kaipara Struck by falling tree.
26/05/2015 Education and Training 9 Napier Died at school climbing down window.
11/05/2015 Agriculture 41 Rangitikei Quad bike accident.
3/05/2015 Agriculture 54 Buller Quad bike rollover.
16/04/2015 Mining 24 Western Bay of Plenty Vehicle rollover.
9/04/2015 Agriculture 14 Far North Quad bike accident.
7/04/2015 Agriculture 57 Carterton Quad bike rollover.
26/03/2015 Forestry and Logging 72 Stratford Struck by log.
23/03/2015 Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing Support Services 61 Waimakariri Tractor accident.
19/03/2015 Quarrying 43 Waimate Heavy machinery accident.
9/03/2015 Wholesale Trade 31 Lower Hutt Forklift accident.
6/03/2015 Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing Support Services 34 Banks Peninsula Fertiliser truck accident.
4/03/2015 Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing Support Services 57 Waikato Bulldozer rollover.
4/03/2015 Construction 38 Waikato Motorcycle accident.
3/03/2015 Electricity, Gas, Water and Waste Services 21 Wellington Trapped in glass recycling truck hoist.
2/02/2015 Arts and Recreation Services 43 Dunedin Struck by transport truck loading door.
11/01/2015 Agriculture 66 Waikato Quad bike rollover.
10/12/2014 Agriculture 48 Tararua Quad bike rollover on steep terrain.
5/12/2014 Arts and Recreation Services 53 Whangarei Fall from height at a fun park.
30/11/2014 Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing Support Services 24 Dunedin Tractor rollover on steep terrain whilst towing fertiliser trailer.
24/11/2014 Transport, Postal and Warehousing 73 Grey Struck by vehicle that rolled.
16/11/2014 Agriculture 78 New Plymouth Quad bike rollover.
4/11/2014 Arts and Recreation Services 56 Thames-Coromandel Died on guided diving expedition.
26/10/2014 Transport, Postal and Warehousing 14 Waitomo Struck by train.
15/10/2014 Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing Support Services 71 Hurunui Died during controlled burn-off.
24/09/2014 Agriculture 20 Matamata-Piako Motorcycle accident.
24/09/2014 Construction 53 Southland Struck by vehicle.
24/09/2014 Agriculture 56 Clutha Quad bike rollover.
12/09/2014 Agriculture 38 Timaru Quad bike accident.
3/09/2014 Agriculture 52 Central Otago Died during controlled burn-off.
2/09/2014 Public Administration and Safety 55 Ashburton Shot at work.
2/09/2014 Public Administration and Safety 67 Ashburton Shot at work.
28/08/2014 Transport, Postal and Warehousing 40 Banks Peninsula Fall from height.
16/08/2014 Transport, Postal and Warehousing 59 Tauranga Fall from height.
15/08/2014 Agriculture 60 Waitaki Drowned in effluent pond.
6/08/2014 Agriculture 40 Otorohanga Contact with Power Take Off (PTO) shaft on a tractor.
5/07/2014 Agriculture 48 Otorohanga Tractor rollover.
2/07/2014 Construction 24 Central Hawke's Bay Struck by sharp object.
30/06/2014 Transport, Postal and Warehousing 38 Hurunui Vehicle accident.
23/06/2014 Agriculture 49 Mackenzie Crushed between two vehicles.
23/06/2014 Electricity, Gas, Water and Waste Services 56 Waitakere Crushed between two vehicles.
23/06/2014 Agriculture 62 Gisborne Struck by tractor.
16/06/2014 Agriculture 70 Manukau Struck by tractor.
7/06/2014 Public Administration and Safety 26 Nelson Struck by felled log.
29/05/2014 Health Care and Social Assistance 77 Nelson Fall from height.
27/05/2014 Construction 34 Matamata-Piako Excavation collapse.
7/05/2014 Manufacturing 44 Clutha Hit head at work, went home and died a few days later.
28/04/2014 Arts and Recreation Services 23 Waikato Died during commercial diving training.
8/04/2014 Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing Support Services 58 Southland Fertiliser truck rollover.
31/03/2014 Other Services 58 Dunedin Fall from height.
10/03/2014 Transport, Postal and Warehousing 7 Clutha Crushed by moving parts of vehicle.
4/03/2014 Agriculture 66 Tauranga Quad bike accident.
26/02/2014 Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing Support Services 67 Nelson Tractor rollover.
10/02/2014 Manufacturing 25 Whangarei Struck by forklift.
3/02/2014 Transport, Postal and Warehousing 47 Thames-Coromandel Struck by logging truck.
18/01/2014 Construction 59 North Shore Fall from height.
16/01/2014 Forestry and Logging 53 Marlborough Struck by tree butt.
14/01/2014 Agriculture 67 Tasman Tractor mower rollover.
11/01/2014 Health Care and Social Assistance 15 Palmerston North Drowned at respite family care centre.
6/01/2014 Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing Support Services 6 Invercargill Quad bike accident.
20/12/2013 Construction 47 Auckland Caught between crane boom and truck cab.
19/12/2013 Forestry and Logging 20 Horowhenua Struck by falling tree.
10/12/2013 Agriculture 17 Hastings Modified buggy crash.
29/11/2013 Forestry and Logging 28 Nelson Crushed between trees.
27/11/2013 Transport, Postal and Warehousing 58 Banks Peninsula Crushed between forklift and vehicle.
26/11/2013 Health Care and Social Assistance 1 Waitakere Fell off trampoline.
26/11/2013 Forestry and Logging 63 Rotorua Struck by falling tree.
15/11/2013 Retail Trade 74 Auckland Fell down stairs.
31/10/2013 Public Administration and Safety 61 Palmerston North Crushed by out of control vehicle.
21/10/2013 Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing Support Services 67 Far North Struck by tractor.
18/10/2013 Transport, Postal and Warehousing 55 South Waikato Vehicle accident.
16/10/2013 Accommodation and Food Services 81 Napier Died in spa bath.
11/10/2013 Agriculture 68 Masterton Quad bike rollover.
8/10/2013 Public Administration and Safety 4 Hastings Struck by a grass mower.
4/10/2013 Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing Support Services 12 Waikato Quad bike rollover.
18/09/2013 Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing Support Services 2 Gisborne Struck by vehicle.
31/08/2013 Arts and Recreation Services 44 Ruapehu Snow-boarding accident.
27/08/2013 Construction 36 Hurunui Grader crash.
15/08/2013 Transport, Postal and Warehousing 70 Tauranga Fall from height.
14/08/2013 Professional, Scientific and Technical Services 55 Tasman Vehicle accident.
12/08/2013 Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing Support Services 51 Invercargill Struck by digger counterweight.
9/08/2013 Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing Support Services 60 Central Hawke's Bay Vehicle rollover.
7/08/2013 Agriculture 71 Opotiki Head injury while using tractor.
19/07/2013 Forestry and Logging 45 South Waikato Struck by spar whilst loading logging truck.
12/07/2013 Arts and Recreation Services 18 Ruapehu Snow-boarding accident.
27/06/2013 Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing Support Services 34 Hurunui Struck by moving parts of mechanical hedge trimmer.
13/06/2013 Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing Support Services 19 Matamata-Piako Caught in mechanical equipment.
12/06/2013 Agriculture 1 Gore Drowned in rubbish pit.
30/05/2013 Agriculture 31 Otorohanga Motorcycle accident.
15/05/2013 Construction 43 Napier Struck by falling object.
6/05/2013 Forestry and Logging 45 Clutha Infection from foreign body.
22/04/2013 Forestry and Logging 23 New Plymouth Struck by spar whilst tree felling.
22/04/2013 Other Services 64 Christchurch Struck by fragments of a broken tool.
30/03/2013 Agriculture 19 Franklin Run over by tractor.
26/03/2013 Forestry and Logging 23 Rotorua Struck by falling tree.
19/03/2013 Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing Support Services 40 Western Bay of Plenty Fertiliser truck rollover.
19/03/2013 Construction 57 South Waikato Shot in drive-by shooting, homicide.
18/03/2013 Construction 62 Thames-Coromandel Fall from height.
17/03/2013 Transport, Postal and Warehousing 39 Palmerston North Struck by a train.
15/03/2013 Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing Support Services 42 New Plymouth Fertiliser truck rollover.
13/03/2013 Health Care and Social Assistance 55 Napier Fire in accommodation facility.
12/03/2013 Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing Support Services 44 Taupo Quad bike rollover.
9/03/2013 Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing Support Services 37 Whanganui Vehicle accident.
3/03/2013 Arts and Recreation Services 57 Rodney Fall from height on adventure course.
28/02/2013 Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing Support Services 76 Waipa Struck by tractor.
26/02/2013 Agriculture 64 Waikato Run over by Gator.
25/02/2013 Manufacturing 47 Christchurch Run over by telehandler.
18/02/2013 Forestry and Logging 42 Hauraki Struck by hook when rope used to winch log snapped.
18/02/2013 Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing Support Services 62 Gore Tractor rollover on steep terrain.
16/02/2013 Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing Support Services 61 Dunedin Struck by vehicle.
12/02/2013 Transport, Postal and Warehousing 48 Whangarei Truck trailer unit crash.
23/01/2013 Education and Training 76 Opotiki Run over by tractor.
20/01/2013 Transport, Postal and Warehousing 47 Wellington Crushed against a bale pushed by forklift.
17/01/2013 Forestry and Logging 39 Whangarei Struck by falling tree.
16/01/2013 Construction 47 Manukau Crushed by truck.
14/01/2013 Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing Support Services 74 Gisborne Fall from height.
11/01/2013 Forestry and Logging 19 Whakatane Struck by log.

* 2019 figures are year to date April 2 2019. 

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