Notifiable incidents

The Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 (HSWA) requires that WorkSafe is notified if someone has been exposed to a serious and immediate risk of harm because of a workplace incident.

This report provides a high level summary of the types of incident that are being reported, where in the country they are occurring, and in what industries.

Last updated to 30 April 2019 on 9 May 2019.

The graph shows the number of Notifiable Incidents that have been notified to WorkSafe under HSWA.

More detailed breakdowns can be found in the CSVs below. 

Table 1. Notifiable Incidents:

  • This table provides counts of Notifications of Notifiable Incidents by year, month, industry level 1 and 2, and region.

Table 1. Notifiable Incidents (CSV)

Table 2. Notifiable Incidents Detail:

  • This table provides more detailed breakdowns of the data in Table 1, by detailed industry, region and HSWA Classification.
  • This table includes indicators to identify which notifications were investigated, and whether any non-prosecution enforcement action was taken. 

Table 2. Notifiable Incidents Detail (CSV)


  1. The year and month variables are calculated based on the date WorkSafe was notified.  This may differ from the date the incident occurred.
  2. The HSWA Classification variable displays the type of incident notified.
  3. Industry is based on the information initially provided to WorkSafe, and is sometimes updated as new information becomes available. While this report uses the Australia New Zealand Standard Industrial Classification (2006) system, the Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing industry has been modified to provide additional detail (see AFF2017 variable).
  4. Data quality has improved over time so caution is advised when interpreting the data.