Certificate of competence holders

Current Certificate of Competence holders can operate as an asbestos removal licence holder until 4 April 2018 or their certificate expires – whichever comes first.

The Certificate is taken to be a Class A or Class B licence, depending on whether any specified categories apply.

  • If your CoC has nothing listed on the back this means you have a ‘full’ (non-specified) certificate.
  • If your CoC has specified categories listed on the back (see picture below), these are the categories you are approved to work in. Your CoC is still valid to be used as a removal licence (and you can act as a nominated supervisor), but only for the type of work specified in the listed categories.
[image] Sample certificate of competence - asbestos

Certificate of Competence categories translated to new licence classes

COC categories

License class

(a) work involving friable insulation or fire protection


(b) work involving friable lagging (boilers, ducts, furnaces, or pipes)


(c) demolition or maintenance containing friable asbestos


(d) encapsulation friable asbestos


(e)(i) cement or bonded product - cutting or abrasive power tool


(f)(ii) cement or bonded product - other equipment resulting in release of dust


What happens when my Certificate of Competence expires?

Once your Certificate of Competence expires you will need to apply for a new asbestos licence to continue doing licensed asbestos removal work.

Alternatively, you could work for an existing licensed asbestos removal holder.