Board of Examiners notices.

August 2017

Position profile for New Zealand Mining Board of Examiners (PDF 45 KB)

May 2017

First aid certificates

April 2017

High level framework for oral examination requirements  (PDF 215 KB)

February 2017

Feedback on oral examinations

January 2017

Changing a lifetime A Grade quarry manager's CoC to a B Grade CoC

November 2016

Certificates of Competence renewal applications - dates

September 2016

Continuing professional development information (PDF 40 KB)

The New Zealand mining board of examiners: Oral examination cancellation and rescheduling policy (PDF 40 KB)

The New Zealand mining board of examiners: Certificate of Competence statutory declaration for all logbooks/employment history prior to 1 January 2014 (PDF 39 KB)

August 2016

The New Zealand mining board of examiners: What is a fit and proper person?

July 2016

Extractives' Certificate of Competence work experience logbook guidance

June 2016

Extractives' Certificates of Competence gained under Trans-Tasman Mutual Recognition Agreement (TTRMA) clarification

April 2016

Continued Professional Development - attendance at industry conferences (PDF 147 KB)

November 2015

Definition of May and moving from A-Grade to B-Grade (PDF 32 KB)

Site Senior Executive Certificate of Competence oral examinations (PDF 37 KB)

Sample scenarios and questions (PDF 26 KB)

June 2015

New Zealand Mining board of examiners' panels of examiners membership criteria widened  (PDF 38 KB)

New Zealand mining board of examiners' panel of examiners: terms of reference (PDF 41 KB)

March 2015

Frequently asked questions on expiry dates of Certificate of Competence for quarries.

New Zealand Gazette

2016 Continuing professional development requirements(external link)

2014 Requirements of holders of certificates of competence