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Compliance certifiers carry out important regulatory functions. The purpose of performance standards is to set out the information and process requirements that compliance certifiers are required to follow when they undertake those functions. Compliance certifiers are regularly audited to ensure they comply with performance standards.

WorkSafe has issued two performance standards:

Information and Process Requirements for Compliance Certifiers

Under this performance standard, a compliance certifier must:

  • establish, document, and maintain processes that are necessary to enable the compliance certifier to perform the functions of a compliance certifier
  • establish and maintain records showing the decisions of a compliance certifier, and the basis for making them
  • be able to demonstrate:
    • that every person employed or engaged to assist the compliance certifier in the performance of their functions by conducting relevant inquiries, inspections, assessments, or examinations is competent to carry out those inquiries, inspections, assessments, or examinations
    • they have complied with performance standards, and have considered the impact of requirements in safe work instruments, and other relevant material concerning the functions of a compliance certifier
  • communicate regularly with applicants to keep them informed of the functions that are being carried out by the compliance certifier.
Health and Safety at Work (Hazardous Substances—Information and Process Requirements for Compliance Certifiers) Performance Standard 2019 (PDF 390 KB)

Certified Handler of Class 6 Substances Compliance Certification 

This performance standard is intended to ensure consistent and transparent decision making and covers:

  • The process for assessing applicants and verifying competency requirements that have been met
  • The information needed to assess an applicant
  • What information must be stated on a certified handler compliance certificate
  • Requires compliance certifiers to keep a record of the information considered in, and the reasons for, making a decision to issue or not to issue a certified handler compliance certificate.
Health and Safety at Work (Hazardous Substances—Certified Handler of Class 6 Substances Compliance Certification) Performance Standard 2019 (PDF 517 KB)


The performance standards were publically consulted on. A summary and analysis of submissions is available:

Performance standards

WorkSafe is currently developing further performance standards in these areas:

  • Certification of hazardous substance locations
  • Certification of stationary container systems
  • Certification of people handling explosive (class 1) substances