Use this form to apply for an occupational diving Certificate of Competence.

It will take approximately 20 to 30 minutes to complete the occupational diving Certificate of Competence (CoC) application.

An application is not considered complete until we have received the appropriate fee and all evidence required by the regulations. If you have any questions about the CoC application process, please email

Providing documentation
You will be required to upload digital copies of the required documentation or send the documentation separately to us by email, post or courier

Making payment for your application
You will be required to pay the application fee at the time of submission by credit card or direct banking using a secure payment service.

If you have a business that will reimburse you for your application you can provide the payers details that will be added to the paid invoice and request reimbursement of the payment once the invoice has been provided.

Save your CoC application and continue later

If you need to pause your application to collect the correct information and evidence before applying, or to have someone else in your business provide payment details, you can save your CoC application and continue at a later time.

To save your CoC application the steps are

  • confirm to save at any step of the application
  • provide your RealMe login details or create a RealMe login at the time of saving
  • we will email you confirmation that your CoC application has been saved

To return to your CoC application

  • use the link in the saved CoC application email
  • provide your RealMe login details
  • you will then be able to view and continue with your saved CoC application

Confirmed application details - as per form Steps 1 through to 4