MHF key operational activities and priorities

WorkSafe has a variety of key operational activities and priorities within the major hazard facilities sector.

Key operational activities

Driving improvements in industry major hazard safety performance through proactive regulatory interventions such as:

  • Risk-based inspection of operations to determine the adequacy of management systems.
  • Investigating accidents and incidents.
  • Enforcement of statutory duties and requirements.
  • Working with relevant stakeholders to identify, define, document and promote good practice in the assessment and management of major hazards in the upstream major hazard facility sector.
  • Assessing and making decisions on facility notifications and safety cases. 

Current priorities

  • Developing inspectorate capability.
  • Developing information infrastructure to support regulatory activities.
  • Creating policies and procedures that will allow transparent and consistent administration of legislation.
  • Producing guidance for and educating employers and other duty holders on their duties under the major hazard facilities regulations.
  • Ensuring operators engage with workers when preparing safety cases or major accident prevention policies.