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Three different types of power supplies (transformers) are:

  • Stationary or portable, single-phase or polyphase, air-cooled (natural or forced) isolating and safety isolating transformers.
  • Stationary or portable, single-phase or polyphase, air-cooled (natural or forced) separating transformers, auto-transformers, variable transformers and small reactors.
  • Power supply units

Prior to being offered for sale in New Zealand, a Power Supply or Charger that are within the following definitions are subject to a Supplier Declaration of Conformity.

An electrical device which—

  1. provides an output not exceeding 50V ac or 120V ripple free dc; and
  2. is a type to provide supply to separate luminaires; or
  3. is a household type for either charging batteries or to provide a supply to separate equipment.

Class 0 and 01 appliances are not permitted in New Zealand.

Power supply or charger must comply with either:

  1. The following Standards listed under Schedule 4 of the Electricity (Safety) Regulations 2010:
    1. ‘Household and similar electrical appliances’ (Battery Chargers); and
    2. ‘Audio and Video Products’; and
    3. ‘Information technology equipment’; and
    4. ‘Power transformers, power supplies, reactors and similar products’.
  1. AS/NZS 3820:2009 Essential safety requirements for electrical equipment
  2. The Conformity Co-operation Agreement (China – NZ).