Alert: Notifications and correspondence during COVID-19 restrictions

We are operating at reduced capacity due to the COVID 19 Alert Level Two requirements. Find out more about how to correspond and notify us during this time.

You might also hear from us as we proactively call businesses about how they're operating safely during Alert Level Two. 

If it is determined that a serious safety risk is occurring or could occur, then a prohibition or an urgent instruction may be issued.

A prohibition or urgent instruction may:

  • require ceasing importation, the use, sale or manufacture of the product or installation
  • alert the public of safety risks
  • specify that an instruction be carried out within a stipulated way.

Failing to comply with a Prohibition or Urgent Instruction, may result in a prosecution and is a Level 2 offence.

The person to whom the instruction is issued is responsible for the costs complying with an Urgent Instruction.