Guidelines for safe electric vehicle charging

As the number of electric vehicles on the roads increases, so too does the infrastructure needed to charge them and keep them going. We have produced guidelines to ensure electric vehicle supply equipment is installed safely and in line with regulations.

Part 1: Safety fundamentals

These guidelines provide guidance for the safe design, specification, supply, installation, and operation of electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) consistent with New Zealand’s systems and infrastructure. They are intended to enable suppliers, installers and users to comply with the fundamental safety requirements of the Electricity (Safety) Regulations 2010.

Electric vehicle charging safety guidelines - Part 1: Safety fundamentals (PDF 80 KB)

Part 2: Selection and installation

This provides specific guidance on the AC power supply arrangements for electric vehicle charging systems, and gives detailed information on achieving safety for the selection and installation of EVSE consistent with Part 1.

Electric vehicle charging safety guidelines - Part 2: Selection and Installation (PDF 73 KB)

Part 3: EVSE – New Zealand specific requirements

This part provides specific guidance, safe specification, supply, installation and use of In Cord-Control and Protection Devices for charging electric vehicles, supply cables and Mode 1 charging.

Electric vehicle charging safety guidelines - Part 3: supply equipment - NZ specific (PDF 53 KB)